Monster Ink

There is a monster

daunting, brazen for it knows no sleep,

worse than frenzied nightmares, haunting contorted prey

even whilst men daydream.

Which grim claw marks

Whose eyes illuminate, pitch screeching whenever it finds

new meat.

There is a monster

that revels when unhinging the foul abyss,

haggard teeth amiss have never met the Sun

Forked tongue darting along tainted claws

just one taste – for bleak morsels never escape –

it remembers them all.

There is a monster

whose swollen belly contains the Lost,

it’s pungent dung nourishment to fevered aristocrats,

Never to be tamed, scale shedding

whichever way.

At least this is what the cavern tells me,

when an eccentric gavel echoes

and the Lost cry “We needed a savior!”

Others saying,

“Don’t you see him up there,

he must be a saint!”


There is a monster.


3 thoughts on “Monster Ink

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